Gujarati Samaj RVA is a Non-Profit community organization renowned for its social and cultural activities for the Gujarati community in Central Virginia region. Gujarati Samaj RVA as first formed in 2015 by a few enthusiastic volunteers who selflessly desired to serve the Gujarati and Indian communities in Richmond, Virginia.

Recognizing the growth of Indian community in and around Richmond and their increased demand for proximal cultural festivities, Gujarati Samaj RVA has been successfully organizing Navratri Raas – Garba program, a traditional Gujarati folk dance in the west end since 2015. Deep Run High School has become the defacto venue for Gujarati Samaj RVA’s Garba program in west end since 2015 considering its central location and support from the school board and staff.

How we do it?

Currently Gujarati Samaj RVA has approximately 50-60 active community volunteers who work selflessly and tirelessly to make the event possible.

Majority of the funds come from sponsorships, ticket sales and donations from community members.

Any deficit is paid for willingly by our active volunteers.

Future plans and goals

  • To increase the pool of more active volunteers
  • To increase the pool of event sponsors and donors, in order to make the event self sustainable.
  • To increase the number of socio-cultural events for the community to keep our rich culture and heritage alive.
  • To keep enhancing the organization and structure of Gujarati Samaj RVA and also to support/ work with other organization to spread our Indian heritage values and to serve the community more efficiently and eternally.

How can you help?

We do the event for the community so active participation along with family and friends is encouraged. As narrated earlier Gujarati Samaj RVA consists of community volunteers who take out the time from their busy schedules every year and make the events possible. Hence we are always looking for community volunteers and donors who can help in whichever way possible.

Any ideas to make the event better or so to have a better experience for the community are also welcomed.